First blog post: Countin’ Down the Days!

I used to be a huge worrier, so to try to combat that I’ve learned to live more in the moment. As a result I’m not big with running countdowns, but since it turned 2017 I couldn’t but help having my mental clock counting down… And now it is only 9 days until I leave for Hull and I cannot wait!! Thats not to say I’m not scared/nervous/absolutely terrified of the unknown that is to come. I am definitely all of those things. I mean I still don’t even know all of the classes I will be taking until I get there! But the unknowns are also what is so thrilling; the new friendships I will make, the sights I will see, what the cultures will be like that I’ll be immersed into, the foods I will try, how different my classes will be from in the US, how it will be living totally alone, and how I will possibly “make it work” when living out of two suitcases (!?!) along with so many more questions I have!

I started the new year in Kansas City, spent the next day in St. Louis, the day after in New Orleans, and the next 5 on a cruise to Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico with 6 of my close friends from my sorority. So I definitely am lucky to say I started 2017 off right. Since then I have been working my 3 different jobs at a Japanese steak house, large animal veterinary clinic, and emergency animal clinic. Keeping busy is how I could describe my life style for as long as I can remember. In high school I was always involved and did swim and cheer which overlapped. In college I spent the last year working in a research lab, serving on exec for my sorority, holding various positions in other organizations, and have had to average 15 credits or more a semester for vet school. At the University of Hull I am only allowed to take 3 classes, which would be equivalent to about 9-12 credits here (not to mention they will all be pass/fail, meaning I won’t be needing to bust my butt for As because in this case Cs get credits!). I’m going into it not knowing anyone, or what I will be involved in while I am there. So having this change in responsibilities will be a big adjustment for me on top of the culture change in general. I’ve been told by others that have studied abroad to find a hobby, but I can’t bring my sewing machine and rather not spend my time in a foreign country watching Netflix.. So I am hoping to use all this new found free time I’ll have exploring, whether it is just around Hull, short trips throughout the UK, or venturing out around the continent! That is what I am most excited for and I can’t wait to share those experiences with you all as I try to help anyone who’s wondering keep up with where I’m at (hint: “Mapping Megan”).

So throughout these next 9 days (AHH!) besides screaming internally I will be continuing working, packing, and spending my last bit of time with my family and friends before not seeing them for almost 5 months. I’ll be driving to Springfield this weekend to see Elena one last time, and then I will be onto good ole’ RoMo to see all my friends from school before I go as well. Then I’ll be back in KC for just 3 more days before I take on this adventure of a lifetime! Wish me luck on this nightmare of packing I have ahead of me!

XO, Megan


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