Across the pond!

After years of looking forward to this, a week filled of some hard goodbyes, and 18+ hours of traveling I finally made it to England today! There are so many more exchange students here from all over than I ever expected and I spent the day with a big group of them exploring Cottingham, supposedly the largest village in England. Walking around I found myself saying “cute” way more times than I would like to admit, but this adorable little town has so much character it makes me feel like I jumped back in time or am in a story book. It still really hasn’t hit me though that this will be my home for the next 5 months. What has almost hit me though are all the cars coming from the right when I’m used to looking left first… Stupid American amirite? But really give me some time and maybe more than 1 hour of sleep and I’ll get the hang of it. Other things I’ve realized is that British coffee and tea IS all it’s hyped up to be, all the fresh bakery, floral, butcher, and produce shops might just be better than any Super Target, logos that say things like “since 1571” are an unimpressive and normal thing here, sheep are like cows in Britain, everyone’s dogs here are more proper than I will ever be, and since I am officially legal (Wooo!) cheap alcohol is literally everywhere: it was for free on the British airlines, my dining hall has a pub inside, my campus has clubs on it, even my accommodation director gave us his welcome speech with a pint in hand! (don’t worry I have self control..)

The last thing I’ve discovered is that when you google search my hall I’m living in the first suggestion is followed by “haunted”. Of course I clicked on it and found it to be on multiple lists as “the top 5 most haunted toilets in the UK”…


More updates to come about how lovely England is, my haunted toilet, and my travels!




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