Loving Life in Leeds

Okay so remember how I said my trip to Leeds wasn’t going to require me to miss class ..? Yeah that was true, but I still accidentally missed my first history class this past Wednesday… I contribute this to Jet lag & confusing time tables but don’t worry it wasn’t a big deal because our classes don’t even need to be officially finalized until next Friday (which is crazy to me), but I promise not to make a habit out of that (; And anyways I attended a museum that day, so same thing right?

But really Leeds was amazing, and it is less than an hour train ride from Hull! Around every corner was a different park or arcade (which is like an enclosed shopping strip), and inside every building was a surprise. Like for example there was this huge dome called The Corn Exchange, not really sure what I was expecting but when we walked in we were surrounded by gorgeous architecture, cute cafes, and unique shops. We wandered around the city for about 10 hours hitting all the main stops of the city center and all with out getting lost (: So here are some pics! Not included are my awesome friends I got to explore with, the mall I would like to live in called Trinity Leeds, the delicious cafe we had lunch at called Olive and Rye (best sweet potato fries of my life), and the massive food court in the mall containing authentic food from 12 different countries.

It was really the perfect spontaneous trip to start off my semester here and gave me some more confidence in my independence and navigation skills (having a photographic memory is very helpful for that one). The only disappointment of the trip was the fact that Leeds Castle is in fact not in Leeds… but on the other side of the country. But I will hopefully see a castle soon enough & maybe run into a duke or lord or something and all my Cinderella dreams will come true.. (;

Thursday I attended the rest of my classes and I’m actually really excited for them all! Friday the sun was out which called for another run; I got slightly lost on some hidden trails in Cottingham but it was lovely to just keep running and take everything in around me. That night I taught the other exchange students how we do it the midwest and had them play Thunder… and I’ll just say maybe they weren’t quite ready.

Saturday I got to see Hull again from a whole new perspective from a historic walking tour. To be honest this guy’s accent was awful and maybe the first time I really felt like someone speaking English was not actually speaking English (or it could have been due to my headache from staying up till 7am the night before (morning of?) so Elena and I could finally fill each other in on life..) Regardless he did have some interesting facts and took us to some places I would’ve definitely passed over if he hadn’t of pointed them out! Most importantly though on top of being a historian this guy was apparently famous for his appearances on haunting shows. So of course at the end I asked him what he knew about Ferens hall, and oh my gosh I wish I wouldn’t have… SO UPDATE: THIS PLACE IS FORREAL HAUNTED. The online stuff was fake about it being a mental hospital previously, but this guy had investigated a MURDER here. It was within the last 10 years or so, some guy was broken up with and killed his ex girlfriend by stabbing her in the neck with a pen.. And there are darker parts to the story but this has gotten dark enough so I’ll just leave it there. But anyways it happened around Valentines day, so even more reasons to look forward to the holiday now! (: AND this guy gave me his card?! LIKE HE IS EXPECTING SOMETHING TO HAPPEN AND WANTS THE JUICY DETAILS AT MY EXPENSE… But its ok. I’m totally calm about it. I might just find a community center to shower at or something.


Finally today I got to go to York, which definitely needs a post of it’s own. So be looking out for an update soon about the picturesque town!




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