Why a new York wasn’t necessary 

Meant to write this like a week ago but having a 3 day week of classes really keeps a girl busy ya know.. So sorry, I’m sure you’ve all been dying in anticipation. Anyways about York: This town is probably the most historic place I’ve ever been and it’s really humbling in a way to see how small you and your life is in the grand scheme of things. Apparently it was founded in 71 AD (according to the Snapchat filter, so must be true) so it really is just crazy to think of all the lives that came before you and all of the events that have happened over the past almost 2000 years right where you’re standing!  The town is still surrounded by parts of the original castle walls and Clifford Tower still stands in the middle. When we climbed to the top of it the view was gorgeous and looking straight down was what a local told us is called the eye of York, and due to unchanged laws you can still go and practice archery right there in the middle of the town. Which when (not if) I go back, if I can rent a bow or something that would be amazing as long as pedestrians stay as far away as possible. Also back to the thought of locals, that is one thing that makes York so lovely. They are called “Yorkies” which is almost as adorable as they were! They were all so sweet and welcoming. Anytime one of them heard our accents they would just stop and smile and then strike up conversation. Don’t get me wrong I fell in love with New York this summer, but the difference here was everyone was by far friendlier, it was way cleaner, and overall just way more beautiful. Sorry NY :/ I still heart u.

I was only there for about 5 hours and I definitely needed more time. But it was only a 50 minute bus ride from Hull, which is crazy to me that you can drive so little and be in a totally different area with all new sights! With 50 minutes of driving in KC you could still be in the outskirts of the city or just surrounded by a bunch of corn. While I was there some of my favorite things were the overwhelming beauty and detail of the York Minster especially with the sun (that yes does exist in England) shining on it, the delicious ice cream (finally!) and fresh food, the unique streets filled with musicians and decadent store fronts, and also the most romantic gardens outside the York Museum that were just perfect at golden hour. I seriously fell in love with this town and I wish my pictures could do more justice of why. (Also s/o to my friend Olivia for taking some awesome candids of me all day, even if I ruined half of them by being on my phone)

Also here are some updates about the rest of my week if interested:

Monday: Finally went to the Deep! And maybe it is slightly more impressive on the outside than inside.. which is weird for me to say because usually anything with animals automatically wins. But maybe I’ve just seen too many amazing American aquariums.. that’s one thing we’ve got going for us. Regardless it was still pretty neat! My friend I went with was apparently pretty neat too because we spent the rest of the evening in an empty pub talking for hours, which in any other case doing on a Monday would maybe make me feel like an alcoholic.. but company makes it okay & when in England?

Tuesday-Thursday: Class (made them all this week ✔️even at times when the odds may have not been in my favor). But after this week I think my sleep schedule and figuring out the right timing with buses is just about finally down! Only took 2 weeks. Which I can’t believe it’s already been that long but at the same time my friends here have already become like family and I feel so lucky!

Other significant events were I got asked for directions by a British person (and actually told her the right way to go!!), Prince Charles and Camilla were in Hull and my friends were lucky enough to accidentally end up getting off the bus right where they were greeting people and got to shake his hand (I may or may not have almost cried about missing this one), and I finally made my own “proper cup of tea” and kinda hated it but maybe it will grow on me.. Also heard weird noises going to take a shower one night so turned on my speaker to drown them out, & Ghost by Sir Sly came on out of all songs… Coincidence I think not?


Friday: Ferens art gallery in Hull had some really interesting pieces; some extremly impressive and some I felt like I legitimately could have done as a 5th grade art project. I tried to understand but unfortunately lack the insight of an artistic mind. But seriously one was toilet paper! Like plz explain that someone. After, a group of us girls went on a 5 way valentines date for noodles and 50 shades. The noodles were great and my review for 50 shades would be about equal to that of the ear plug art display I saw earlier that day.

This weekend was Cambridge and Ely! But I’m tired of writing and you’re probably more tired of reading if you’ve made it this far so I’ll write about these stunning towns laters baby (50 shades reference.. yeah idk I cringed too).





2 thoughts on “Why a new York wasn’t necessary 

  1. I enjoyed your post and your pictures. I agree with you, York is wonderful. I was there a few years ago and loved strolling around the city. I wish I had more time there.
    And bumping into royalty is certainly bragging rights. Way cool.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Megan I’m so glad you’re having such an awesome time !
    I am living vicariously through you 😊
    Your blog is wonderful!! You are a very good writer and quite interesting. I’m so glad you’re having this memorable experience!!
    Love you Much!!
    Your Mama

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