Cambridge & Ely

Cambridge is actually not just one school but 31 different universities, so conquering it with about 3 hours of sleep, after a 3 hour bus ride, with 13 other people, while it’s maybe 3 degrees C out was quite the experience. We punted through the Cam river and got to see several of the different colleges lining it along with their bridges (makes sense now, Cam-bridge..),  and also learned about some of the famous people that went to Cambridge such as David Attenborough, Steven Hawkins, Borat, Mr. Bean, along with a long list of others. We were able to go in the Wren Library of Trinity college where pictures weren’t allowed and I unfortunately resisted my urge to rebel, but inside there were belongings of Henry the VIII (anything to do with the Tudor dynasty I am obsessed with) and original publishings of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, and Newton. In the city center there was a picture perfect market filled with more extensive amounts of carbs, cheese, and flowers than you could dream of. After exploring some more of the colleges and shops we went to lunch at The Eagle, just casually the pub where Watson and Crick announced the discovery of DNA (which as a bio major is huge for me!). Literally everyone biked here and also would just leave them leaned up against any wall unlocked! Each city I’ve been to so far in the UK has had its own unique appeal with different architecture styles, accents, and history, and regardless of how freezing and overly slap happy I was I really enjoyed the short amount of time I had here!


After we left Cambridge we had a short stop in Ely, where we got to explore the massive Cathedral that over powers the small town. After about 10 or so minutes inside we somehow got wrangled into sitting through what was maybe a mass? The choir was beautiful but after they were still going about 20 minutes later we decided the cathedral was big enough we could still roam the outskirts of it without disrupting anything. To me the York Minster’s key feature was its beautiful stained glass windows, but here I was really in awe of the octagon design of its central tower and mural stretching along the length of the ceiling.


Sunday and Monday were pretty bland, except for Monday night I attended an all girls workout class where you learn a new sport each week. They taught us how to play rugby and my friends and I were probably waaaay too hyped about it. It was only tagged (flag) rugby but somehow I still managed to almost give another girl a bloody nose and get a fat lip myself. We plan on going to some of the practices for the rugby club, so we will see how that goes..


Tuesday started off rough, but surprise flowers from multiple of my friends here and an afternoon of tea definitely turned that all around (:

Wednesday we had our first international night!! Our Italian friend Fabio made us authentic bruschetta and pasta with his mom’s sauce he brought with him from home! Italians definitely take their cooking seriously and it was probably the best pasta I’ve ever had. So to say he set the bar high for when I have to cook for American night is definitely an understatement. Like what even is actually our own American invention?! & me trying to do KC BBQ any justice would probably be a huge fail so maybe PB&Js for everyone?

Thursday I got seriously lost but with beautiful weather and sights around me it wasn’t so bad.  I ended up running over 7.5 miles which is more than I’ve done in who knows how long, and coincidentally found this street sign  (:


Studying abroad has turned into so much more than just seeing new sights for me. The people here have all become like family and I learn something new everyday, even if it’s not from the “studying” part either.. This weekend I have my first dive session and then will also be heading to Manchester!




One thought on “Cambridge & Ely

  1. Megan,
    The culture of each city you have been to is amazing.
    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate and look forward to seeing your Blog posts each week!
    Love You Much!!

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