Arriving in Switzerland, which has 4 national languages, I wasn’t sure what language to greet people with. We got in late Wednesday night where we stayed in an Airbnb actually on the other side of the border in France, just about 20 minutes from Geneva’s city center. When our host was showing us around I took off my boots. I had hurt my foot the previous weekend while in Germany and had been hobbling around Hull all week before I left for the Europe trip, hardly able to walk. In London I still had a bit of a limp, Paris I was doing alright due to heavily medicating myself, but after climbing 55 floors our last day in Paris my foot was ginormous. We had a crazy day running around the metro trying to make it with plenty of time for our flight so I was exhausted which in my case therefore means slap happy. I started uncontrollably nervous laughing once I saw my foot while our host was explaining laundry. The poor guy didn’t have very good English so I’m not sure he knew what was going on and so he made sure to mention no parties later because I’m sure he thought I was on some kind of drugs. That night the power also went out and we couldn’t figure out how to open the metal covers of the windows, so this also felt like a movie but more like we might die soon kind of movie. I somehow passed out in the middle of this ciaos but luckily my friends got the power back after a couple of hours and all was well in the world again.

Thursday (Day 6), after a much needed sleep in, we headed out into the little French town of St. Julien that we were staying in to try to find the bus into Geneva. The town was adorable, reminding me of Beauty and The Beast. However, being in a small town meant hardly anyone spoke any English, making finding the bus stop a little difficult. But with beautiful weather and surrounded by mountains being a little lost wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to us. After we finally found the bus and got into Geneva we walked through the town and realized how wealthy the city is. Everyone drove luxury cars, the shopping was all high end, and the hotels were all 5 star. So it made sense why we had to stay on the other side of the border. We had planned on kayaking out on the lake for part of the day but with heavy wind that was no longer an option. Going up into the Alps was also out of our price range, so instead we got to admire them from afar and have a relaxing day exploring another beautiful city. This meant checking out multiple gourmet chocolate shops, walks around the lake, meeting a slightly crazy local in the park, and my favorite was trying Swiss chocolate ice cream! After we got back to our quaint French town for the night we stopped for dinner in the only place that was open – A Kebab shop. We were struggling to order in French when a lady came up and translated exactly what we wanted for all four of us! Again disproving French stereotypes. Back at the B&B we settled in to watch Marie Antoinette together, still in awe of Versailles from 2 days before.

The next day (Day 7) we were still exhausted and slept in again. Kate left back to England and Madison and I spent the day wandering around St. Julien. Anxious for some real Italian and with Geneva also being so close to Italy I got my first taste of some REAL pizza before it was the staple of my diet for the next week. Our uber we had booked (Flavio…) was 30-45 minutes late to pick us up for the airport that afternoon, where there was literally one security detector open and the line took a good hour. We just barely made our flight only because it was delayed 10 minutes due to security (bless Swiss airlines) but once we were on all the stress was gone because we were heading to paradise on the French Rivera!




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