Starting a blog is something I’ve talked with my best friend about doing for years, but one thing I’ve wanted to do even longer is to study abroad. And now the time for both of these things to finally happen is here! I will be in Hull, England from the end of January until the beginning of June and will be continuing to study biology (pre-vet) at the University of Hull.

First I’d like to fill you in on some of my previous travel experiences: With my mom being a flight attendant for over 20 years, I was lucky enough to grow up traveling (non-rev of course). However, this will be an experience totally different than anything I’ve ever encountered. I have been to Europe once before with my high school fashion class and with me on that trip was my aforementioned best friend, Elena. During that week we visited Paris and Milan. Fast forward about 4 years and Elena and I went on our first trip completely on our own to the place closest to a foreign country within US borders, NYC. I bring up Elena so much because 1) we are soul mates and 2) our travels together inspired me to start this blog and starting in May Elena will be in Spain for an internship so you know what that means (:

For most of my life I’ve lived in Kansas City (the better one) and for the past 2 and a half years I’ve been at college in a small rural Missouri town. So with Hull being about half the size of KC and over 10 times the size of my college town, I think it is going to be the perfect fit for me! But if you’re like most people (including myself) you had probably never heard of Hull before, so here are some other exciting things about the city: It was named the UK City of Culture for 2017, they have the only submarium in the world, and since it is known as a historic marine town I anticipate they have some bomb Fish n’ Chips.

Now here are a couple disclaimers for my blog: 1) I am an iphonographer, aka all my pictures will be taken with my iPhone so don’t expect anything too fancy. 2) As a bio major my best writings are research papers, so bare with me (Example a) at first I used the word “bear”, thankful I proofread). 3) On top of traveling I love animals, fashion, and have an awful sweet tooth, so expect me to talk about those subjects any chance I get. 4) Realistically I expect I’ll probably just be talking to myself through majority of these posts with the occasional family member or friend checking in. Basically, this blog is mainly for me to be able to better remember this once in a lifetime experience, but hopefully it will allow me to reflect deeper on the world around me and maybe even inspire some others while I’m at it!

XO, Megan


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