Loving Life in Leeds

Here’s a little bit about my time in Leeds and the rest of my week! Read (or skip, your choice) to the end if you want an update about my haunted toilet.. … More Loving Life in Leeds


The beginning

Hi Friends, This one is pretty long so don’t feel like you need to read all of it, just like to get down my thoughts (: It was only just a week ago that I was doing my last minute packing (who am I kidding, *starting my packing..) and I already feel like I have … More The beginning

Across the pond!

After years of looking forward to this, a week filled of some hard goodbyes, and 18+ hours of traveling I finally made it to England today! There are so many more exchange students here from all over than I ever expected and I spent the day with a big group of them exploring Cottingham, supposedly the … More Across the pond!